☠️ Never start a funeral with logistics
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☠️ Never start a funeral with logistics

☠️ Never start a funeral with logistics

Welcome to the fifth day of summer, and the fourth quarterly issue of This Mortal Portal.

  1. An essay on lessons learned in making friends in 2021
  2. Vic's Picks
  3. For the Record

Plus a cartoon and the strangest slapstick GIF I've ever seen.


Never Start A Funeral With Logistics

And Other Lessons Learned In Making Friends in 2021

“The universe is made of stories, not atoms.” - Muriel Ruckeyser

Last February, right before COVID hit the fan, my friend Lee told me about his latest idea. A weekend-long birthday bash, with a bunch of his best friends, culminating in a Savage Race (an extreme obstacle course race similar to a Tough Mudder).


"I'm in," I said, though both of us knew that whether I was in, and whether his idea happened at all, would depend entirely on the conversations we'd have with our wives.

Fast forward through 15 months of pandemic, and on the first weekend of May 2021, it's happening. He's all in, I'm all in, and ten men converge on a park and ride somewhere near the top of the Chesapeake Bay.

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